Coffee Craving During Pregnancy(What are the Benefits and Risks involved in it?)

Many pregnant women would find themselves craving coffee during pregnancy, even if they were not fond of it before. The body requirements of pregnant women changes, and they have to eat more to fulfill their nutritional requirements. Consuming more calories is helpful for the excellent health of the fetus inside the body.

Coffee craving during pregnancy is due to many physical and emotional changes a pregnant woman faces. Nutritional deficiencies, physiological factors, or hormonal changes are also responsible for it. 50 to 90% of women crave a specific food or drink during their pregnancy. So coffee craving during pregnancy is natural, and many pregnant women feel the same.

Top 5  Benefits of Coffee During Pregnancy?

What are the Benefits of Coffee During Pregnancy


  1. Consuming coffee during pregnancy will help you improve your focus and energy level. It would help if you had it in all stages of pregnancy.
  2. Coffee cravings may also result from a deficiency of iron in your body, so drinking a cup of coffee will help you improve this deficiency.
  3. A moderate level of coffee has sound effects on your skin, and many pregnant women face different skin-related issues, so it is good to take coffee during pregnancy.
  4. During pregnancy, you may feel a severe headache, and a cup of coffee is the best remedy. It will help you relax your body and get rid of the headache.
  5. Consuming a single cup of coffee will also help you decrease fat mass and make you deal better with daily routines.

Is it Okay to Drink Coffee Every Day While pregnancy?

Is it Okay to Drink Coffee Every Day While pregnancy

Many women think it is not good to drink coffee daily during pregnancy. But it is a wrong myth because drinking moderate coffee during pregnancy will not affect your maternal health.

On the other hand, consuming a large amount of coffee during pregnancy will lead to more chances of low birth weight and miscarriage. Excessive consumption of coffee also causes a lack of sleep, which is also harmful during pregnancy.

Which Coffee is best When You are Pregnant?

Do you feel like craving coffee during your pregnancy? If yes, you should go for the best coffee; we highly recommend decaf coffee because it has coffee beans. In this coffee, they remove most caffeine in preparation. Decaf coffee is safe for pregnant women as it contains only 2 mg of caffeine, with 97% or more caffeine removed.

How Much Coffee is Safe During Pregnancy?

How Much Coffee is Safe During Pregnancy


Drinking a large amount of coffee during pregnancy will reduce the fetus’s blood supply and slow its growth. Consuming the right amount of coffee during pregnancy is essential to avoid hurting the fetus.

It is relatively safer to limit the consumption of coffee to 200 mg per day during pregnancy. You have to be extra careful because this amount also includes food with caffeine. Consuming 200 mg or less coffee daily during pregnancy will not harm your baby and will not lead to low birth weight or miscarriage.

What if I Accidentally Had too Much Caffeine When I am pregnant?

Too much caffeine during pregnancy is very dangerous for the woman and fetus. It may lead to increased fetal heart rate and fetal oxygenation. If you have accidentally consumed too much caffeine during pregnancy, then immediately contact your physician for emergency treatment.

A too-heavy amount of caffeine in your body will risk the life of a pregnant woman and fetus, so strictly restrict yourself to a moderate amount of coffee. It will make your pregnancy tenure safe, and you will not have to face any kind of complications during pregnancy.