Craving Orange Juice in Pregnancy is Safe? Its Benefits & Guide (2023)

During pregnancy, a woman’s eating and drinking habits change, and the baby’s health also depends on her diet. Getting enough food and drinks is essential to get healthy during pregnancy because it will also lead to a safer birth.

Pregnant women crave orange juice. They can also expect this craving for certain juices and fruits. If you are wondering about the reasons for this craving, you are at the right place. Here we are going to mention the reasons why you crave orange juice during pregnancy.

Can Pregnant Women Take Orange Juice? Is it Safe or Not?

Can Pregnant Women take Orange juice?

Yes, orange juice is a healthy and safe drink for pregnant women. It is also desirable for a pregnant woman to get the necessary Vitamin C. If you are facing difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, or lack of folic acid, orange juice will help you overcome these deficiencies.

Excessive orange juice during pregnancy is also not good for the health because oranges contain organic acids. Most experts advise drinking up to 200 ml of orange juice. It is sufficient for a pregnant woman to get the required nutrition and vitamins; otherwise, it may lead to diarrhea and vomiting.

10 Benefits of Orange Juice during Pregnancy?

  1. During pregnancy, it is essential to maintain a stable blood pressure level, and orange juice is the best way to control it.
  2. Many women feel difficulty breathing during pregnancy. The best solution is orange juice because it improves the respiratory system and helps to breathe.
  3. Drinking orange juice will also help your baby wiggle around and make you feel great during an ultrasound.
  4. Orange juice contains a lot of calcium that makes your bones stronger.
  5. A pregnant woman needs an enhanced immunity system. Orange juice is capable of boosting immunity because it contains Vitamin C in it.
  6. During pregnancy, drinking orange juice will help reduce allergies. Oranges naturally include iron and zinc, which are helpful in this regard.
  7. Folic acid is also essential for a pregnant woman. The physician suggests different medicines that contain folic acid in them. You can also get folic acid and vitamins from oranges that will aid in developing the baby’s brain.
  8. Constipation is the most troubling problem during pregnancy. You can only overcome this problem with the help of fiber in oranges. Drinking orange juice will help you regularize bowel movements and eliminate constipation.
  9. The proper functioning of kidneys is essential in pregnancy because they filter toxins from their bodies. You can clean your kidneys and bladder with the help of orange juice, which is also a good solution for kidney stones.
  10. Orange juice also helps a pregnant woman maintain the body’s desired amount of fluids.

What does it mean if you Crave Orange Juice? (Possible Reasons for Orange Cravings)

What does it mean if you crave orange juice

Oranges are the best source of keeping your immune system strong. They are enriched with vitamin C, so if you feel an intense craving for orange juice, you may have an infection, and your body is fighting it. If you are stressed, you may also crave orange juice to overcome this situation.

Craving for orange juice during pregnancy may be due to a deficiency of vitamin C in your body. Keeping your sugar level at maximum is also essential for a pregnant woman. So if you are craving orange juice, it is also a sign of low sugar levels in your body.

Is Orange Juice Hydrating?

Orange juice contains 90% water and is also an excellent choice for maintaining fluid balance. Consuming orange juice during pregnancy will help you in staying hydrated, and it will provide you with a sufficient amount of energy as well.

I hope this guide answered all your questions about the craving for oranges and orange juice during pregnancy period. Share this post with your fellow women who are expecting babies. they might be looking for the same questions.