Myths and Benefits of Craving Tomatoes during Pregnancy

Specific food craving is common during pregnancy. If you are craving tomatoes during pregnancy, then you are not alone. Many women feel an instant desire to eat tomatoes during their pregnancy. It is also suitable for them because tomatoes are part of a healthy pregnancy diet.

Tomatoes are part of our food routine, bringing taste and richness to many dishes. It is also essential for a pregnant woman to know about the benefits and harms of a specific food she will consume. Consuming tomatoes during pregnancy has many benefits, which are listed below.

11 Benefits of Eating Tomatoes During Pregnancy

Benefits of Tomatoes during Pregnancy


  1. Tomatoes are enriched with vitamin C, an essential nutrient in pregnancy for the development of healthy teeth and bones of the baby.
  2. During pregnancy, you need more calories; a medium tomato can provide 22 calories with 5 grams of carbohydrates. It is also ideal for maintaining a healthy weight, which is essential in pregnancy.
  3. High blood pressure is too risky, and consuming tomatoes will help you keep your blood pressure under control because they cleanse the blood.
  4. Tomatoes will not only cleanse your blood during pregnancy. But they will also remove toxic substance from the blood and protects your body against cell damage.
  5. Your cholesterol level will remain lower with the help of tomatoes. It will protect your heart from diseases and keep it healthy.
  6. Tomatoes also contain Folic acid, which is required to reduce the risks involved in babies’ congenital disabilities of the spinal cords and brain.
  7. Constipation is a common problem most pregnant women face. Consuming tomatoes will boost your digestive system as they contain rich fiber.
  8. Vitamin A in tomatoes will help your baby develop organs, immune system, and skeleton, and you will not have to take vitamin A supplements.
  9. Tomatoes will help you strengthen your immune system and fights infections during pregnancy. After childbirth, adding tomatoes to your daily diet will repair your tissues fast.
  10. You can maintain your blood level at a satisfactory level with the help of tomatoes, as they prevent blood loss.
  11. Consuming tomatoes regularly during pregnancy will help you in managing gestational diabetes.

What are the Risks Involved in the Consumption of an Excessive Amount of Tomatoes during Pregnancy?

Although we recommend consuming tomatoes during pregnancy because of their many benefits, you must stick to a moderate quantity of them. Eating too many tomatoes can result in the following:

  • You may experience body aches due to the excessive consumption of tomatoes, which is not a good sign during pregnancy.
  • Tomatoes contain vegetable acid, so more intake of them may lead to heartburn during pregnancy.

Reasons for Craving Tomatoes during Pregnancy:

If you are craving tomatoes during pregnancy, this condition is called tomatophagia, which may be related to nutritional deficiencies. If you are facing iron deficiency, it will lead to craving tomatoes. Besides, tomatoes also contain different minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and vitamins that are highly needed to keep your pregnancy tenure healthy.

Suppose you feel cold feet and hands, pale skin, exhaustion, and weakness during pregnancy. If you crave tomatoes during pregnancy, you may lack healthy red blood cells due to iron deficiency anemia.

Are Tomatoes Good for you While Pregnant?

Using tomatoes during pregnancy will give you many advantages, which is why we recommend them as a part of your daily food routine. It is entirely safe to consume tomatoes during pregnancy, but they should be in moderate quantity. They are the best source of folic acid and vitamins A and E. So your fetus will remain healthy during pregnancy with tomatoes.