Best Cropped Jeans for Curvy Women 2022

Wearing perfect jeans is the first choice of most women. But finding such jeans which look best upon your body is not easy. Women search for different types of jeans through the internet before buying them. First of all, you have to analyze the appearance of your body so that you will get the best jeans ideas.

Best Cropped Jeans for Curvy Women

Cropped jeans are trending these days, especially for curvy women. They perfectly flatter your body. So if you are also looking for such jeans, you are in the right place.

Some of the must haves jeans for curvy women are:

  • Wide-leg cropped jeans
  • Skinny jeans
  • Mid-rise jeans
  • Mom jeans in cropped style

Wide-Leg Cropped Jeans

Wide-leg cropped jeans are one of the best options for curvy women. It will widely fit your entire leg, and your curves will not look prominent. This type of jeans will fit through your legs and thighs but flare out at the knee. Your ankles will look great in this type of jeans.

wide-leg cropped jeans for curvy body

Skinny Jeans for Curvy Body

Skinny jeans are not only made for slim women. They will turn your curvy body into a beautiful sculpture by giving a perfect shape to your hips, thighs, and waist. You have to choose some well-known brand to make yourself a fashion icon and feel comfortable wearing such jeans. Skinny jeans are available in different sizes, so you have to be careful when choosing the right size which lasts above your ankle.

skinny jeans for curvy body

Mid-Rise Jeans for Short Heighted Women

Mid-rise jeans will also improve your outlook. They are ideal for short heightened women because they will elongate your legs by contouring your curves. You can choose any color in such jeans, but black will look more attractive on your body. Mid-rise jeans mostly come in short sizes so that your body curves look more prominent and admirable.

Mid-Rise jeans for curvy body

Mom Jeans In Cropped Style

If you are a mature woman, you should think of Mom jeans in cropped style because it flatters all types of curvy bodies. It will not look clingy or stretchy when you wear it. Blue is the still popular color choice in mom jeans in different sizes.

Mom jeans in cropped style



Pros and Cons of Cropped Jeans for Curvy Women:

If you have a curvy figure, then before buying cropped jeans look at the  pros and cons of such jeans.


There is a long list of pros for wearing cropped jeans. But some of the most extraordinary advantages are the following.

Short style:

Cropped jeans have a significant short length than traditional jeans. Although they are longer than denim shorts, they will bring a sense of fashion. You will feel more attractive while wearing them.


Cropped jeans are in trend. They are widely used on formal and semi-formal occasions. So you can wear them anywhere and anytime.

Divert attention:

Women with curvy bodies always get worried about their physical appearance due to the exposable curves of their bodies. Cropped jeans are the best way of diverting people’s attention toward your ankle, so you will always feel relaxed while wearing them.


There are many advantages of cropped jeans for curvy women, but you can still consider the following cons of such jeans.

Size issues:

It is very challenging to find the perfect size of cropped jeans for curvy women because they have a standard length. So if you are a woman with long legs, it will not be an ideal choice for you.

Wider look:

Cropped jeans give a wider look to your body. So if you are a curvy woman and want to give an illusionary look of a slim body, then it is impossible with such jeans.


Many brands provide cropped jeans for curvy women. But Levis, Made well, Mango, Mother, Re/Done, Reformation and Slvrlake are the most prominent.

Are cropped Jeans Still in Fashion?

Cropped jeans are much in fashion because they are not like ordinary jeans that you can wear your home. Straight and flatter, both styles are common in such types of jeans.