Myths About Dark Neck during Pregnancy and Role of Diabetes in it

During pregnancy, a woman experiences significant changes in her physical appearance, which is a natural process. Hormones are responsible for such changes because they prepare you for childbirth and breastfeeding.

You may experience dark patches on your neck, face, and arms during pregnancy that are not strange and are known as melasma. A dark neck during pregnancy can be a sign of diabetes, so you must be careful and consult your physician in case of a dark neck.

Does Diabetes Cause a Dark Neck?

does diabetes cause a dark neck

If you are experiencing a darker neck, then it might be possible that you have diabetes. When blood sugar (glucose) increases, you will experience dark patches on your neck. This condition is called acanthosis Nigircans, and it does not cause any harm to your skin; however, it is a possible sign of type 2 diabetes.

During pregnancy, type 2 diabetes is quite dangerous because it increases the risk of difficult birth due to the large size of the baby. You can also face a miscarriage in this situation, and in the case of delivery, your baby can face health problems such as breathing problems.

Why is My Neck Getting Dark During Pregnancy?

It is not strange because many pregnant women experience such a condition, and the main reason behind this is hormonal changes. Progesterone or estrogen levels in a woman’s body increase during pregnancy, which can lead to the formation of melanin pigments. Your skin surface will become thin, and its color will remain change during the complete tenure of pregnancy.

This condition is also known as melasma, where your skin will produce extra pigments in pregnancy, or you can say it formally masks pregnancy. If you are getting more sun exposure during pregnancy, then your neck will be darker because of melasma but feel safe that it will not harm your baby.

Signs of Neck Getting Dark During Pregnancy

  • You will experience dark patches on the back side of your neck that will increase in the second and third trimesters.
  • If you have a darker complexion, then there are more chances that your neck will get darker during pregnancy.
  • Besides, if you already have increased skin pigmentation before pregnancy, you have more chances to face a dark neck during pregnancy.

Will Dark Neck go Back to Normal After Pregnancy?

After giving birth, things normalize slowly, so your darker neck will also fade gradually in a few months. Your hormone changes become normal after delivery, and dark patches on your neck also become less prominent. It is also the possibility some dark patches will never go away without proper treatment. So, you should consult a dermatologist to overcome this situation.

Top 4 Solutions of  Dark Neck During Pregnancy:

In pregnancy, increased hormones are much needed to get the proper growth and development of the baby. These hormones are the actual reason behind your darker neck. You cannot do much to get rid of this situation, so what you can do only is stop it from getting worse.


Solution of Dark Neck During Pregnancy

1. Less Exposure to Sun Rays:

Sun rays are a significant source of pigmentation on your skin. We strongly advise avoiding sun exposure as much as possible during pregnancy. Facing the sun for long hours is too dangerous for the skin, so seek shade and avoid excessive sunbathing.

2. Sun Screen:

If you have to face sun rays, the best solution is to wear a pregnancy-safe sunscreen with SPF 30+ because it will limit the harmful effects of the sun. Mineral sunscreens are better in all ways than chemical blockers because they will protect your skin more naturally without causing any irritation.

3. Folic Acid:

Folic acid helps you overcome darker neck problems during pregnancy because it formulates red blood cells with proper growth and formulation. Skin changes also occur due to a deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy. So getting a suitable quantity of it will help restore skin.

4. Chemical-Free Skin Care Products:

Using hypoallergenic or chemical-free skin care products during pregnancy is another solution for your darker neck. Chemical-free lotions and face washes will not harm or irritate your skin and give you better results.

You should also use hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic makeup products to conceal the dark areas of your neck. Such makeup products will not worsen melasma; your skin will also get a soft glow.