6 Clear Differences between Pregnant Belly and Fat Belly

Have you ever felt that your belly is becoming fat day by day? Are you worried about whether it is a pregnant or fat belly? It happens in the life of most women that they get confused when it comes to differentiating between these two physical changes they are going through. So to avoid getting confused, we are here to help you know the difference between Pregnant Belly and Fat Belly.

Before we tell you the signs of pregnancy, let’s look at the most common differences. Firstly, the fat belly is bloated, loose, and soft like a sag, whereas a pregnant belly is firm, and you will also feel it flexible. Secondly, in pregnancy, you will only experience significant growth in your tummy, and other body parts are in the usual position at the start. In contrast, your breasts and thighs will also get more prominent in a fatty belly, as fats store in them.

What are the Signs of Pregnancy? Its symptoms!

Here we have mentioned a few pregnancy-related signs that you don’t experience in fat bellies.

  1. Nausea
  2. Missed periods
  3. Morning sickness
  4. Headache
  5. Changes in Nipples
  6. Frequent Urination and Constipation


signs of pregnancy

1. Nausea:

Nausea is a feeling where you feel vomit, but you are not vomiting, so the first and most significant pregnancy symptom is feeling Nausea. After conception, you will start feeling Nausea between 2 to 8 weeks.


2. Missed periods:

During pregnancy, you will not get periods, which is why missed periods are the second sign of pregnancy. It is easy to know about pregnancy if you record your menstrual cycle. You will not get periods when your egg cell fertilizes during its cycle.

missed periods

3. Morning sickness:

After the 4th week of a successful pregnancy, a pregnant woman feels morning sickness, the most common sign as 8 out of 10 pregnant women feel it. You will also feel Nausea and vomit in it, but not every pregnant woman suffers from morning sickness.

morning sickness


4. Headache:

Estrogen levels increase during pregnancy, and it leads to headaches. Your hormone changes are responsible for this, and you will also feel menstrual migraines.


Headache during pregnancy


5. Changes in Nipples:

Pregnancy leads to a significant change in the color of nipples, so they become darker, and most pregnant women also feel discharged from them. It is normal if you experience milky color in discharge, but if it is bloody or other colored, you may also experience health issues.

6. Frequent Urination and Constipation:

Frequent urination and constipation are also experienced in pregnancy because physical and hormonal changes result in excessive urination. You will also feel trouble going washroom due to constipation.

How to perform pregnancy tests at home to confirm? (4 Easy Ways)

It is easy to confirm your pregnancy without visiting a doctor so you can perform any one of the following four pregnancy tests at home.

1. Pregnancy strips (Personally Recommended):

Pregnancy strips can help you know about your pregnancy at home. These strips check the body’s chronic human gonadotropin (hCG). This chemical is present in pregnant women, and after 10 days of conception, you can use reactive paper on the pregnancy strip to know the positivity or negativity.

Pregnancy strips

2. Pregnancy device/tool:

You can also use a pregnancy device to detect it through your blood. From a finger prick blood sample, you will get results in 5 minutes only. Urine tests work after 10 days of conception, but with the help of a pregnancy tool, your blood test will confirm it even before a missed period. Follow the instruction provided with this device and know 97 to 99% accurate results.

Pregnancy device tool

3. Salt Pregnancy Test:

You can also check your pregnancy with the help of a simple salt test. Take your urine sample in a glass and add one or two pinches of salt to it. If you experience creamy white clumps in this mixture, you are pregnant, but if no reaction happens, you don’t have any pregnancy.

4. Sugar Pregnancy Test:

It is another homemade pregnancy test, so you just have to pour one spoon of sugar into a glass and add urine. If the sugar dissolves in urine, you are not pregnant, but if sugar forms a lump in the glass, you are pregnant.

Clear Difference b/w Pregnant Belly and Fat Belly:

pregnant belly vs fat belly


  • A fat belly is a normal condition where your body is getting extra fat so that you will miss your periods in this case.
  • You can perform the pregnancy tests mentioned above at home, and all of these tests will give you a negative pregnancy report when you have a fat belly.
  • You will not feel any of the above-mentioned pregnancy symptoms in a fat belly, like morning sickness, headaches, nipple changes, Nausea, vomiting, etc.
  • A few other factors will contribute to your fat belly instead of pregnancy. These factors include stress, hormonal fluctuations, overeating, etc.

I hope now you get your answer and make a difference without any doubts. Feel free to share this post with anyone who is confused between a fatty stomach and a pregnant belly. 🙂