Do Maternity Clothes Make you look More Pregnant?

Maternity clothes can make you look pregnant and support your body without compromising style. They are best used to relax your womb and comfort the baby.

Most pregnant women wear maternity clothes during pregnancy to adapt to changes in body size. It is now fashionable because you can choose stylish dresses that give you perfect maternity looks.

Maternity clothes are designed to accommodate a pregnant woman’s changing body, but some people argue that they can also make a woman look more pregnant than she actually is. While it’s true that some maternity clothes are frumpy and baggy, others are stylish and flattering. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you’re self-conscious about your appearance, you may want to avoid tight-fitting or revealing maternity clothes. But if you’re comfortable showing off your baby bump, there’s no reason to hide it away. So, do maternity clothes make you look more pregnant? It depends on the person and the outfit.

What Can I Wear to Look Pregnant?

Pregnancy dresses are specially for making you look pregnant and attractive in this phase of life. Loose-fitting clothes are great to wear to get more space for the tummy so that baby can feel relaxed. You can also go for stretchy fabrics, as they will flatter your body and gives you perfect maternity looks.

Here are a few dress options based on the latest trends, and you will also look pregnant in these dresses, so take a look at them below.

1.Stylish Maternity Jumpsuit:

A jumpsuit is an easy-to-wear dress for a pregnant woman. It is roomy and stretchy in the mid-section, enabling your belly to breathe. You can go for any color in it, but black color is versatile and suits all pregnant women. You can also wear long sleeve shirt or a tight tank underneath in winter to get proper warmth.

Stylish Maternity Jumpsuit

2.High-waisted Maternity Skirt:

A high-waisted maternity skirt is another good choice to get perfect maternity looks. Go for a comfortable material like a cotton blend or jersey knit, and add a maternity tank in different colors to get noticeable looks. In winter, you can add a breezy cardigan to get a complete look.

High-waisted Maternity Skirt

3.Maternity Maxi Dress:

You can wear a maternity maxi dress for all casual affairs, and it will look great on your baby bump. If we talk about the fabric, go for an airy fabric with an attractive color pattern as it will not look you older. You can also add a belt to give some definition to your waist and in winter, wear a cropped jacket to get a more balanced and attractive look.

Maternity Maxi Dress

4.Maternity Skinny Jeans:

If you are petite, you should think differently while choosing maternity dresses that can make you look pregnant. You can wear skinny maternity jeans to express the shape of your legs, and they will go with you until the third trimester of your pregnancy.

The best match with skinny maternity jeans is a maternity T-shirt. In winter, you can wear a long sweater or jacket in a neutral hue with having knotted belt. It will make your looks bold and up-to-date.

Maternity Skinny Jeans


What Dresses Should I Wear If I Don’t Want to Look Pregnant?

In the starting stage ,you can easily hide your pregnancy by wearing loose tops ,skirts etc. because your tummy is not noticeable until 4th month and even upto 5 months you can hide your pregnancy by wearing loose outfits. Some of the options are

  • Loose tops
  • Relaxed T-shirts
  • Wrap dresses
  • A-line shirts

    What Should You Wear in Early Pregnancy

Which Month Does the Tummy Come out in Pregnancy?

In the first trimester, from the 1st to the 13th week, you can wear any dress because your tummy is not noticeable, and each dress is suitable. But it would be best if you went for loose dressing that is not tight in the stomach area.

In the second trimester (from the 14th to the 26th week), your body shows your baby’s growth inside your body. But still, your tummy is noticeable with a slight bump. From the 27th week until birth, your third trimester arrives when your tummy comes out significantly and gives you a pregnant look.

Are Maternity Clothes worth Buying?

Maternity clothes are worth buying because they will give you the maximum comfort during pregnancy. If chosen wisely, you can also wear your maternity dresses after giving birth to the baby. You can go for oversized maternity T-shirts, vest tops, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, etc., as you can use them post-pregnancy.

Buying maternity clothes depends upon your personal preferences and comfort. They are special to give you style with comfort during pregnancy. In the first trimester of your pregnancy, there is no need to buy maternity dresses because you can go well with comfortable ones from your wardrobe.

When you are four to five months pregnant, then it is the right time to go for maternity clothes. Plenty of fashionable maternity clothes are available, but there is no need to invest large sums of money buying them.


There is no right or wrong answer to this question – it is entirely up to the individual woman and how she feels comfortable. For some women, maternity clothes help them feel more confident and stylish during pregnancy; for others, they prefer to stick to their regular wardrobe. Ultimately, it is important to wear whatever makes you feel the best during this special time in your life.