How to Avoid Complications During Pregnancy? Causes, Signs & Tips

Most women go through a normal pregnancy, but high risks are involved in 6 to 8% of pregnancy cases. These complications are related to a woman’s health problems during her pregnancy.

Some women also have health-related issues before their pregnancy that get swear, while some health issues arise during pregnancy in ordinary women.

complications during pregnancy

Top 3 Main Causes of Pregnancy Complications:

Many factors cause complications during pregnancy, so three of them are the following.

  1. Unhealthy habits
  2. Genetic histories
  3. Not taking enough diet

what causes complications during pregnancy


4 Unhealthy Habits that may Cause Issues in Pregnancy:

  • Eating unhealthy food is one of the main factors that may lead to high risks pregnancies. You must be aware that each morsel and drop that goes into your body will also go to the little inside you. Some foods, like raw meat, smoked seafood, soft cheeses, raw eggs, etc., are not meant for pregnant women.
  • Smoking is another hazard for your pregnancy, and it increases the chances of complications, so you should never try to smoke during the whole duration of pregnancy.
  • Self-medication is always dangerous, and it may be most dangerous for both of you while having a baby in your body. Taking those drugs your physician does not prescribe is risky because every drug is not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Rest is mandatory during pregnancy. So if you are not getting adequate rest, you may welcome complications at any stage of pregnancy.


Unhealthy habits during pregnancy

Genetic Histories that may Cause Issues in Pregnancy:

  • Family history may also lead to higher pregnancy risks if a pregnant woman or her partner is facing a severe disease.
  • Syndrome and a few congenital disabilities like spina bifida also result from genetic histories.

Not taking enough Diet Can Cause Issues in Pregnancy:

  • The baby inside your body is solely dependent upon the diet you are taking. So if you are taking poor nutrition, there are more chances that it may lead to complications and higher risks.
  • During pregnancy, a woman needs 300 more calories than an ordinary woman. So if you cannot meet your calorie requirements, it will also enhance complications.

Age Factor Create Complications During Pregnancy:

reason of complications during pregnancy

  • If your age is below 17 years, there are more chances of facing complications in pregnancy.
  • After attaining the age of 35, more pregnancy-related risks occur.
  • If you have any past miscarriage history, it can be one of the reasons for your current pregnancy complications.

What are Some Common Complications of Pregnancy?

What are some common complications of pregnancy

1. Miscarriage:

Miscarriage is the most common complication of pregnancy that may occur during the first 20 weeks. Unfortunately, 20 % of pregnancies result in miscarriage, which is a higher ratio, and in most cases, women are unaware of this situation.

2. Premature Birth:

This complication arises before the start of the 37th week of pregnancy, and premature babies are born very early to their expected date. Premature birth brings higher health and life risks to your baby as many organs do not develop, and you may face liver, brain, heart, or lung issues.

3. High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is quite dangerous for the fetus because it slows the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the baby inside your body. It is much more critical to regularly track your blood pressure and get properly prescribed medication otherwise; it will also lead to pregnancy complications.

At which stage can Pregnancy Complications Occur?

Most pregnancy complications occur during the first 12 weeks. During this tenure, the baby’s major body organs are formed and can be damaged if you don’t follow proper preventive measures.

Using drugs, alcohol, or an unhealthy and insufficient diet in the first 12 weeks will lead to many pregnancy complications.

6 Signs of Unhealthy Pregnancy:

What are the signs of unhealthy pregnancy


It would be best if you never ignored a few signs of unhealthy pregnancy, and the physician should consult as early as possible.

  1. Vaginal bleeding in late pregnancy is complicated that may lead to higher risks of losing the fetus.
  2. If you face severe headaches with blurred vision, it is also a sign of unhealthy pregnancy.
  3. If you continuously face a fever and it makes you too weak to get out of bed, it is also dangerous.
  4. Facing difficulty breathing or fast breathing is also not a sign of healthy pregnancy.
  5. Abdominal pain or swellings of the legs, face, or fingers are symptoms of an unhealthy pregnancy. So it would be best if you visit the health center soon in these conditions.

How to Avoid Complications During Pregnancy? (Simple 4 Tips)

How to avoid complications during pregnancy

  1. Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy is crucial to getting adequate rest and enough diet.
  2. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs because they multiply the chances of complications during pregnancy.
  3. Visit your doctor regularly and maintain a proper pregnancy record to keep your pregnancy period healthy.
  4. Make your health a priority by taking healthy food and eating 300 more calories than an ordinary woman.

We provided all possible reasons and factors to address pregnancy complications, causes, and symptoms, but if you feel anything unusual, immediately seek medical help or contact your gynecologist.