What are the Pregnancy Symptoms No one Talks About?

Many known signs are associated with pregnancy, like the expansion of the tummy, missed periods, and feelings of nausea with or without vomiting. Your body changes during pregnancy, and you feel uncomfortable with many things that are associated with it.

The fact is that there are also many pregnancy symptoms no one talks about because a pregnant woman experiences many other things . Most of these signs are not harmful and pass quickly, but in a few cases, you need to consult a physician immediately. It is pretty essential to know all signs of pregnancy that are not common and no one talk about to welcome this new phase of your life in a better way.

Top 11 Distinctive Signs of pregnancy No one Talks About

If we talk about distinctive signs of pregnancy that you might experience during the first trimester, they are the following.

1. Faster Heartbeat:

faster heartbeat in pregnancy

In early pregnancy, your heart starts beating faster, and it is due to the sudden increase of blood circulation in your body. It happens because the volume of blood increases to almost 50%, so your heart has to work fast to supply the blood through your body. A significant amount of blood goes to your growing fetus, so your heart starts working fast.

2. The Wobbling of Teeth:

Due to frequent hormonal changes in early pregnancy, acidity level increases in your mouth, and cavities also increase, resulting in teeth wobbling. You can overcome this situation by taking proper care of your teeth.

wobbling of teeth in pregnancy

3. Bloating:

Bloating is another sign of pregnancy; you can experience it even before the first missed period. It is normal, and the reason is the hormone progesterone that is relaxing muscles in your womb. You will feel an inflated balloon in your belly with diarrhea and constipation. The best way of overcoming this situation is to take more fiber, eat small meals and drink plenty of water.

bloating in pregnancy

4. Nose Bleeding:

Due to excessive blood circulation, you may also experience nose bleeding at the initial stage of pregnancy. It is standard because the fetus’s growth requires more blood supply, which will also induce pressure in your blood vessels. It will result in bleeding of sensitive vessels in your nose, so if you face dry air around you, there are more chances that your nasal vessels will rupture.

Nose bleeding during pregnancy

5. Increased Vaginal Discharge:

Excessive vaginal discharge is another uncommon symptom of pregnancy. It is due to an increase in estrogen level that will flow more blood to the pelvic area and soften vaginal walls. It is normal and nothing to worry about unless you experience a strong smell or itching.

Increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy

6. Aching in Hips:

Suppose your hips are aching, especially at night. In that case, it is another uncommon sign of pregnancy because the weight of your growing uterus increases and puts pressure on your hips. You can sleep peacefully by putting a pillow between your knees in such a situation.

7. Headaches:

You may also experience strange headaches during early pregnancy, and it is also due to the increased volume of blood that your body is producing. It is not dangerous if you don’t experience any vision disturbance.

headache during pregnancy

8. Loud Snoring:

Your whole body gets swollen during pregnancy. So blood vessels in your nose will also start swelling, resulting in loud snoring. You may also feel discomfort during sleep due to loud snoring.

9. Cramps:

You may also face cramping at the initial stage of your pregnancy, and an increased progesterone level or expanding uterus is responsible for it. You will feel mild cramping on either side of your lower abdomen, making you feel strange.

Cramps during pregnancy

10. Improved Sense of Smell:

Experiencing a sudden improvement in the sense of smell is another symptom of pregnancy that is uncommon. It is due to pregnancy hormones that are responsible for increased blood supply in your nose vessels.

Improved sense of smell during pregnancy

11. More Sweating:

Excessive sweating is another pregnancy symptom because blood flow increases in your body, and hormonal changes also increase body temperature. You will feel frequent night sweats at the initial stage of your pregnancy because your body starts cooling the temperature with excessive sweating.

More sweating during pregnancy