What Should You Not Wear When Pregnant?


what should you not wear when pregnant


Being pregnant is the best feeling for a woman, but it comes with many challenges. You have to take care of yourself with your baby as well. You have to avoid a few things which you usually do. At the start, pregnancy is not noticeable, and everything looks normal. But over time, you feel apparent and internal changes in your body. Now it is time to pay attention to your dressing because all dresses and footwear are not necessarily suitable for pregnant women.

 So You Should Not Wear the Following Things When You are Pregnant.

  1.  Too tight clothes
  2.  Wired bra
  3.  Synthetic fabrics
  4. Too much heavy jewelry
  5. High heels
  6. Unsupportive bras
  7. Synthetic fabrics
  8. Uncomfortable Clothes
  9. Avoid layering
  10.  Fancy panties

Say Goodbye to too tight dresses When You are Pregnant

Generally, you have to say goodbye to excessively tight dresses during your pregnancy when you have noticed a baby bump. Wearing anything too fitting will interrupt your blood circulation and create hurdles in inhabitant movement.

  • Tight jeans will not be a suitable option in pregnancy as they will put pressure on your abdomen. They will also take less space for your baby to move freely inside your body. If it is necessary to wear jeans, go for over-the-bump maternity jeans because they will cover your belly with comfort.


tight jeans in pregnancy


  • In pregnancy, your abdomen and chest increase in size. So it is also recommended to avoid wearing a wired bra because it will swallow your chest and make it more sensitive. A wire-free comfortable bra is ideal to wear during the whole pregnancy.
  • You can wear a skirt in your pregnancy but only if it is not too tight and you can feel comfortable in it. A tight skirt will also make you look like a balloon and ruin your outlook.



  • We suggest you stay away from synthetic fabrics during your pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes, you will sweat more than an ordinary woman. Wearing chiffon, elastin, georgette, and synthetics are avoidable dressing options during pregnancy.


high heels in pregnancy


Footwears You Should Avoid During Pregnancy:

You should pay special attention to your footwear because your feet will frequently swell during pregnancy.

You must not wear high heels during your whole pregnancy because they can harm you and your inhabitant in multiple ways. High heels will build more pressure on your knees and back, which are already under pressure due to pregnancy. It will cause back, leg, and foot pain problems for you. You will not be able to manage your weight easily in heels, so there are possibilities of injury due to falls which can badly affect your growing baby.

Is Wearing Jewelry Allowed During Pregnancy? 

wearing jewelry while pregnancy


  • Nickel, mercury, and cadmium are toxic metals widely used in jewelry and capable of causing miscarriage and premature birth, so you should avoid wearing junk or costuming jewelry during pregnancy.
  • Wearing heavy jewelry will also make you tired frequently in pregnancy. So you should also avoid wearing an excessive amount of it during your whole pregnancy period.