20 Most Important Items You Should Pack in Your Hospital Bag in Pregnancy

A woman tries to take care of herself to avoid inappropriate situations during pregnancy. But one thing which most women forget is to pack the hospital bag timely. If you have completed your 30 weeks of pregnancy, it is now the right time to buy a bag and put all the necessary stuff required in the hospital.

 Here you will get details about all those things you should not forget to put in the  hospital bag.

  1. Some loose clothes for mom
  2. Cell phone
  3. Charger
  4. Toothpaste and facewash
  5. Some snacks
  6. Nursing bras
  7. Sanitary Pads
  8. Changing sheets for baby
  9. Loose pair of Underwear
  10. Baby Clothes
  11. Baby Diapers
  12. lip balm
  13. Hand cream
  14. Deodorant
  15. Hair brush
  16. Pair of slippers
  17. Extra pillow
  18. Extra blanket
  19. Shampoo
  20. Bath towel


what clothes should i pack for delivery hospital bag ?


Choose the necessary clothes for you and your baby and pack them before putting them in the bag. Your clothes should be comfortable and according to the weather. Loose clothes will help you provide maximum comfort, so T-shirt, loose pajamas, pants, nightgown, and bathrobe is must-have items in the hospital.

Short sleeves or sleeveless-loose shirts are ideal so you can check blood pressure. Backless sleepers will help you with easy movement in the hospital as well. After giving birth, it is advised to change the baby clothes frequently, so you must have extra baby clothes with you.

Cell Phone and Charger:

Don’t forget to bring your mobile phone and charger to the hospital. Most hospitals’ electrical outlets are away from the bed. So keep an extra-long mobile phone charging cord with you for easy access to charging.

Birth Plan:

Bring extra copies of your birth plan. They will help the medical team get the necessary information about your pregnancy.

Tooth Paste and Brush:

Most hospitals provide teeth paste, but it is good to have your own according to your choice. You have to use a toothbrush at least twice a day so buy a good quality toothbrush.

Sanitary Pads:

You can get sanitary pads from the hospital but if you don’t feel comfortable with other brands, bring the pads of the specific brand which you prefer. Sanitary pads should be capable of absorbing heavy flow and keep you cozy for a long time.

Supportive bras:


 Supportive bras for delivery hospital bag

Your breasts will swell after giving birth to the baby. It will continue for several days. So pack supportive bras in your hospital bag. These bras will also help you feed your baby, and nursing pads in these bras will absorb milk leakage.


Postpartum absorbent underwear is necessary to bring to in hospital. You can’t control the heavy flow with the help of sanitary pads only. You have at least a pair of underwear to avoid any undesired situation.


You will feel your stomach empty in the hospital frequently. You always bring a few packets of snacks with you and utilize them when you feel hungry.

Baby Diapers:

The skin of newborn babies is highly-sensitive. Due to this, we recommend bringing high-quality diapers for the baby capable of keeping the skin dry.