When Should I have a Maternity Photoshoot?

It would be best if you went for a maternity photo shoot at the right time. So in most cases, it lies between 30 to 36 weeks or the 7th to 8th month of your pregnancy. If you are going to be a mom for the first time, you must feel more excited about your maternity photo shoot; that is why you should go for the most convenient time.

You will experience sudden changes in the body once you are pregnant as it starts growing inside. After a few months, your belly becomes more prominent, making you feel excited. A maternity photo shoot is essential to retain these beautiful memories with you for your whole life.

What is the Right Time to Take your Maternity photos?

What is the Right Time to Take Your Maternity photos

As discussed above, you can go for a maternity photo shoot between the 7th to 8th months of pregnancy, but you also have to choose the right time according to your preferences. The best time to get your pregnancy photo shoot is when you feel comfortable, and your body can also spend a long time in this process.

Every mom will experience a different pregnancy, depending on her condition. Many pregnant women do not feel comfortable doing a photo shoot in the 8th month of pregnancy, especially if they face some complications during this tenure. On the other hand, doing a maternity photo shoot in the 4th to 6th month of pregnancy is quite earlier.

The more time you wait for a maternity photoshoot will help you in perfect pregnant looks. But in high-risk pregnancies, the second trimester is also suitable for a photo shoot. You should also talk with your photographer if you need precautions during the photo shoot. You can also book a photo shoot at home if the doctor has not recommended staying on foot long or walking during pregnancy.

4 Tips to Help You Decide When the Best Time is for You to Have a Maternity Photoshoot

Here are a few tips to help you decide when the best time is for you:

  1. Your due date should be at least a month away. This gives you enough time to get your hair and makeup done, and ensures that you won’t have to worry about going into labor during the shoot.
  2. Your belly should be nice and round. This usually happens around 32-34 weeks.
  3. You should feel comfortable and beautiful. If you don’t feel like getting dressed up, then it’s probably not the right time for you.
  4. Think about what kind of look you want for your photos. Do you want them to be casual or more formal? Do you want to be in your own clothes or in a gown? All of these factors will play into when you have your shoot.

5 Tips to Book a Maternity Photoshoot:

Here are a few tips you can follow for booking a maternity photo shoot that will also help you get ready for perfect photos.

1.Advanced Booking:

There is no need to wait for 7 to 8 months of pregnancy to book a photo shoot. So it is advised to go for an advanced booking to avoid uncertain conditions.

2.Earlier Photoshoot:

If you are facing a high-risk pregnancy, you can also call for an earlier photo shoot so that from the 4th month to the 6th month of pregnancy, you can arrange a photo shoot. If you are also expecting twins, you should also have to arrange an earlier photo shoot; otherwise, you will not be able to relax during this process.

3.Consult your Doctor:

Pregnant women want uniqueness for their maternity photo shoots, so they do not hesitate to select dangerous locations. You should consult your doctor first and seek their advice for demanding activity or difficult photo shoot locations.

4.Comfortable Dresses:

You are going for a maternity photo shoot, so there is no need to wear too tight clothes. Instead, prioritize your comfort and choose those dresses you can wear conveniently during this process. Tight clothes will also leave stretch marks on your body and will be noticed easily in pictures, so always wear comfortable ones.

5.Take Proper Rest Before the Photoshoot:

A maternity photo shoot is hectic because you have to perform different activities. So it is strongly recommended to rest correctly before taking the photo shoot. If you are going for a morning photo shoot, then take plenty of rest the night before. It will make you feel fresh and comfortable during the photo shoot.


Whether you are just starting to show or nearing your due date, maternity photos are a beautiful way to document this amazing time in your life. You may be wondering when the best time for a maternity shoot is. Ultimately, it is up to you and what you feel comfortable with. However, most photographers recommend booking a shoot between 32 and 36 weeks. This gives you enough time to schedule the shoot without feeling too uncomfortable,