Top Dupes of Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation

Dupes of Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation

If you are also looking for other options similar to Huda beauty faux filter foundations, then we recommend two products. The first one is the Maybelline super stay foundation, and the second is Mac’s face and body foundations. So take a look at the detail of both foundations and choose the best one according to your skin and requirements.

  • Maybelline Super Stay Foundation
  • Mac Face and Body Foundation

About the Original Product

Huda Beauty is a famous and award-winning brand. Huda Kattan, a beauty blogger, launched it in 2013. Huda beauty faux filter foundation is one of their most selling products, and it is the first choice of most women for many reasons.

huda beauty faux filter foundation



First, this product has full coverage for your face. It can hide pores, acne, and hyperpigmentation easily. You can use this product with complete confidence due to its excellent coverage so that you can apply it to your face quickly.

Huda beauty faux filter foundation is vegan, so no animal by-product is used. For the safety of your skin, this foundation does not contain any toxic chemicals like polyethylene or metals, etc.

Most women with sensitive skin are always afraid to apply foundation on their face because it can cause itching and irritation. Besides this, their artificial fragrance is also dangerous for sensitive skin. Still, Huda beauty faux filter foundation is entirely fragrance-free, so it is an excellent option for all types of skin, especially for women with sensitive skin.

This product is entirely non-comedogenic, which means it will not cause pores, blockage, and breakouts, so if you have blackheads or acne, this product is very suitable for your face.

You will get 39 beautiful shades in Huda beauty faux filter foundations, which help you in flawless makeup so you can quickly get your desired shade according to your skin tone.

Dupes of Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation

Maybelline Super Stay Foundation:

Maybelline super stay is an active wear foundation with full coverage and is ideal for a long duration as it lasts up to 30 hours. It is not transferable, so you don’t have to worry about the practicality of this product. It is a lightweight foundation, so it feels as light as air.

This product is sweat and water-resistant. So you can apply it in any weather conditions with complete confidence. Saturated color pigments will have an ultra-transforming impact on your face and do not clog pores.

This product is dermatologist tested so that you can use this product without any doubt. You will get many unique shades in this product suitable for all types of skins.




Good Things
  • This product blends easily on the skin.
  • It is the product’s key feature as it lasts for a long time.
  • This foundation is free from any fragrance.
  • Maybelline super stay foundation doesn’t make dry patches on the skin.
  • You can get medium to heavy coverage with the help of this product according to the foundation coats you have applied.
Bad Things
  • Unfortunately, you will not get many shades in this foundation.
  •  If you have dry one, then this product is not ideal for you .
  • Due to heavy oxidation, this product reacts with external components, and you will get a darker shade even if you purchased a lighter one.

Mac Face and Body Foundation:

Mac face and body foundation is another good product prepared from a water-based formula. It is also famous for its water resistance. Mac cosmetics are a well-known brand that has been providing beauty products since 1984, and its products are in more than 120 companies.

Mac face and body foundation is one of their favorite products, which is equally suitable for the face and body for a natural look, so if you are thinking of a non-makeup look, you can also try this foundation.

mac face and body foundation



Good Things
  • This product has a lightweight coverage
  • Unlike many other foundations, this product is equally suitable for the face and body.
  • It is an entirely natural look foundation designed for all skin types of skin.
  •  Mac face and body foundation is perfect for both makeup and non-makeup look.
Bad Things
  • As mentioned above, this foundation has lightweight coverage, so it will not give you full coverage. If you have a dark skin tone, this product is not ideal for you as it will expose your body color easily.
  • Lightweight coverage is suitable for dry skins. So if you have oily skin, you will not get the desired results from this product.
  • This product can blur imperfections, but if you cannot hide them entirely, if you have blemishes or acne marks, you have to use concealer for better results.




These two products are ideal for modern makeup. Still, according to my personal experience, Maybelline super stay foundation is better than the Mac face and body foundation if we compare both. Super stay foundation by Maybelline is not made for everyday looks, but if you have oily skin, it will be perfect for you to attend a formal or semi-formal occasion.

Mac face and body foundation is a good option for daily use due to its lightweight coverage and natural look. You will get desired results for your face from this product but not ideal for the body. If you have stretch marks on your body, then it will not cover them.


Does Huda faux filter foundation oxidize?

In the beginning, you will not experience any oxidation. But after a few hours, it will oxidize on your face, so it is ideal if you attend an occasion for up to 8 hours.

What skin type is Mac’s face and body?

Due to lightweight coverage, Mac face and body foundation is suitable for dry skin because it will not give optimum coverage on oily skin.

Is mac face and body suitable for mature skin?

For mature skin, you need a medium coverage foundation, so due to lightweight coverage, it will not cover the stretch marks and dark spots.

Is a super stay foundation good for dry skin?

Because of medium to heavy coverage, Maybelline super stay foundation is not a perfect option for dry skin as you will get dry patches. We recommend it for oily skin.