Loose Powder or Compact Powder – Which One is Better?

Many are confused between Loose and compact powder so let’s briefly compare Loose Powder and Compact powder to know which one is better and why. This article will resolve your confusion forever 😉

Loose Powder

Many beauticians recommend loose powder to their clients. It can hold on concealer, foundation, or any other makeup throughout the day and provides an appealing look. If you have oily skin, the loose powder will be a perfect choice for you as it can control unwanted shine on your face.

Loose powder holds the foundation and other makeup on the face, but people also want to know whether they can powder alone without foundation. The simple answer to this question is absolute; you can apply loose powder to your face without any foundation. You can try this option if you have oily skin and want less coverage. The loose powder contains many minerals, so if you have sensitive skin, then trying this powder alone will be a good option.

setting powder


With the help of loose powder, you can also set the liquid foundation to control oil and shine on your face; that is why most people with oily skin prefer this powder. You have to press loose powder into your skin after applying foundation that is not dried yet because it will restrain the foundation from streaking or moving around during makeup.

You can also use loose powder for baking your face makeup. So you have to apply this powder to those areas of your face which can crease over time. After applying loose powder to your face, leave it for up to 10 minutes so that it can be baked and mixed into your face skin. After 5 to 10 minutes, dust off the extra powder from the skin, and your skin will start glowing by giving perfect results.

Loose powder is also used to define contour lines and give a sharp look to your face so if your skin has acne or discoloration, apply the loose powder to get desired results. Although loose powder gives a dry look to the face, applying powder with a brush can quickly get a dewy finish. This dewy finish will make your skin look healthier and glowing.

Good Things
  • You can use loose powder every day to get a natural look
  • Loose powder can easily control extra shine on your face.
  • Loose powder is the best source of solidifying your wet makeup. It can remove extra shine, and you will get the best looks from your makeup.
Bad Things
  • This product is not suitable for dry skin
  • After using loose powder, you must apply instant retouches on your face to get desired looks, so we don’t recommend it for long events.
  • If you are looking for a medium to full coverage with loose powder, you cannot achieve results without using foundation.

Compact Powder

Compact powder is the best source of getting rid of sweat and oil appearing on your skin, so with the help of this, you can also cover blemishes and dark spots. If you are looking for long-lasting makeup, using compact powder will help keep your skin hydrated for a long time, hence protecting foundation or other makeup.

Compact powder is one of the most common makeup products used daily to take care of your skin with the help of thin layers. It is a lightweight product that appears in thin layers on your face, but if you apply it excessively, your skin will look patchy and cakey.

Women with oily skin can easily use this compact powder throughout their face because it helps in reducing unwanted shine and any flashbacks, but if your skin is dry, then you should try to apply it on the t-zone only.

You can apply compact powder with the help of a brush, but we recommend using a good-quality sponge for a cleaner look. This product also helps get a matte finish for your face and prevents shine for many hours.

compact powder

Good Things
  • Most face powders are for oily skin, but the compact powder will be a great choice if you have dry skin.
  • Few compact powders have dual quality.
  • If you are looking for daily use powder, a compact powder will be a preferable choice for natural looks.
Bad Things
  • If you have oily skin, a loose powder will be a better choice than a pressed powder.
  • You cannot use compact powder for baking your face .

My Conclusion

After comparing both powders, we can conclude that loose powder is not a good option for dry skin as it helps in preventing your skin from any sweat and oil. You can use this powder to get good results if you have oily skin. Loose powder can be used only on the t-zone by people with dry skin, not for the whole face.

Pressed powder is used daily on oily and dry skin. I recommend pressed powder to those with oily skin to get perfect results.

Important FAQ about Loose Powder or Compact Powder!

Should I use compact or loose powder?

Well, it entirely depends upon your skin because the loose powder is a good option for oily skin, whereas people with dry skin can go for both options.

Which is better loose powder or translucent powder?

Translucent powder is used to reduce shine and absorb oil, but it is colorless so if you want good coverage, go for loose powder for your oily skin.

Is compact powder good for the skin?

Yes, compact powder is good for the skin. You can use it daily to get natural looks.

Can we use baby powder as loose powder?

Yes, you can use baby powder as a loose powder because it can absorb oil and sweat.

Can I use the loose powder alone?

Yes, if you have oily skin, you need less coverage. You can achieve it with the help of loose powder alone. 

Does compact powder cause acne?

Compact powder is less likely to clog pores, so it does not cause acne.

Can I apply compact powder every day?

You can apply compact powder daily because this product has no side effects but make sure to remove it before bed.

Is baby powder good for the skin?

Baby powder does not contain harmful chemicals. You can use it on the skin.