4 Best Dupes for Mac Paint Pot (2023 Updated)

My Recommended Dupes of Mac Paint Pot

  1. Maybelline Color Tattoo
  2. Color Pop Cream Eye Shadow
  3. Elf putty eye primer
  4. Revlon color Stay crème eye shadow

About the Original Product

Mac point pot is a blendable long-wearing eye premier capable of providing buildable coverage and does not look cakey or heavy. It is one of the high-selling products of MAC, a US-based company, and offers its cosmetic products in more than 120 countries. So you can easily buy this product from an online store.

Mac paint dot is a highly pigmented product that imparts some color after applying it to your skin. It is a water-resistant eye premier that you can wear alone and use this product with an eye base.

Due to its long-lasting nature, this product can easily last up to 24 hours. You can also use this product if you have sensitive skin because it does not cause acne. This eye shadow is an ophthalmologist and dermatologically tested, so it will not cause any irritation or redness on your skin.

Mac paint pot



Top 4 Dupes of Mac Paint Pot

1. Maybelline Color Tattoo:

Maybelline color tattoo is a good alternative for the Mac paint pot. It has many resembling features to the original product. It is a bold and super saturated eye shadow that you can use to get the best looks for your eye makeup.

Maybelline Color Tattoo



What We Like
  • It is a high-quality, long-lasting eye shadow that lasts up to 24 hours without fading or creasing
  • You will get a wide variety of shades in Maybelline color tattoos. It is easy to buy the best shade according to your skin tone.
  • It has a highly creamy texture that is also ideal for older eyes. If you are over 50, it will be a better choice for your eye makeup.
  • This eye shadow has a smooth texture. You can apply it quickly and smoothly, and you will not feel anything cakey or heavy on your eyelids.
What We Dont Like
  • After applying this product, you will feel little sparkles to add a more glamorous look, but most people do not like it, so they don’t prefer to buy it.
  • Sometimes this eye shadow falls out and mixes with the cream product under your eyes which makes it look unattractive


2. Color Pop Cream Eye Shadow:

Color Pop Cream Eye Shadow is another best dupe for Mac paint pot that is also a long-wearing and water-resistant product. You can buy this product quickly at a very economical price. So this factor makes it one of the most appealing products.

Color Pop Cream Eye Shadow



What We Like
  • Color Pop Cream Eye Shadow has premier and shadow all in one. So you will not have to buy premier separately.
  • It is a non-creasing product, so it will not show wrinkles around the eyelids.
  • This eye shadow lasts long, so you will get perfect looks for a long time after using this product.
  • It is water resistant eye shadow and controls unwanted shine easily.
What We Dont Like
  • You must have makeup expertise while using this product because, most of the time, it gets patchy.
  • This eye shadow dries too fast and looks like a frozen solid piece.
  • Before using this product, you must apply a matte shade first. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the desired results.


3. Elf putty eye primer:

Elf Putty Eye Primer is a long-lasting product that can lock your eye makeup look for up to 12 hours and makes it a viable option while choosing dupes for Mac paint pot. It has a smooth, creamy texture that is helpful to apply to your skin conveniently.

You can use this product to add more depth and dimension to your eyelid, and it is also capable of correcting color.

Elf putty eye primer



What We Like
  • The creamy texture of Elf putty eye primer spreads this product evenly on your skin.
  • It absorbs quickly on your skin and provides a natural look according to the tone of your skin.
  • It helps makeup to last long, so it is ideal for long events and provides the best eye looks for up to 12 hours.
  • It is a fragrance-free product, so if you have sensitive skin, you can still use this eye primer. Smooth texture.
What We Dont Like
  • If you have super oily skin,  You will get unwanted shine and wrinkles around your eyelids.


4. Revlon color Stay crème eye shadow:

Revlon color stay crème eye shadow is a long-lasting product. It offers matte and shimmer eye makeup for up to 24 hours. You can easily buy this product through Amazon at only a budgetary price of $8. You can easily apply this eye shadow with the help of a built-in shadow brush, and you can also use your fingers to apply this product.

Revlon color Stay crème eye shadow



What We Like
  • This eye shadow has a smooth texture and is easy to blend. So if you are a beginner, apply it to your skin quickly.
  • This product will offer up to 18 rich shade options, including green, blue, pink, brown, black, and many more.
  • If you are allergic to any fragrance, this product is ideal because it has no artificial fragrance.
  • Revlon color stays crème eye shadow and does not make the lid oily. So you will not experience shine on your skin.
  • This multipurpose product can be used as an eyeliner and eye shadow, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Revlon color stays crème eye shadow doesn’t crease, making the eyelids stand out.
What We Dont Like
  • Surprisingly, you will not be well aware that the ingredient list is not mentioned before using the product.



In the end, you must have sufficient knowledge about the dupes for Mac paint pot. But if you are still confused while choosing the best dupe, I recommend Revlon color stay crème eye shadow. It has many features parallel to the original product.

You will not experience any heaviness, cakey or other unpleasant effects while using this product, and it is also a very economical option.