Top Affordable Dupes Of NARS Light Reflecting Foundation

Dupes Of NARS Light Reflecting Foundation

Most relevant dupes are

  • Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation
  • Nyx Born to glow medium coverage naturally radiant foundation

About the Original Product

NARS, a French cosmetics, and skin care company, is well-known for creating various beauty products. NARS Light Reflecting Foundation addresses luminosity at the surface of your skin by reflecting light like a prism. By boosting your skin clarity and immersing it in moisture and minerals, the foundation gives a natural finish to it.

nars light foundation


Dupes Of NARS Light Reflecting Foundation

Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation:

Loreal Paris infallible pro-matte foundation goes smooth on every type of skin. It is lightweight and creamy, so it lasts for 24 hours. You will get a clear and smooth complexion by hiding the imperfections with the help of this foundation.

With the help of breathable formula, your skin will get complete freshness for the next 24 hours. It doesn’t have a mask or cakey effects even after applying 2 to 3 coats. Due to waterproof coverage, the foundation does not transfer, so that you can use it in every type of weather.

loreal infallible pro-matte foundation



What We Like
  • It is a buildable product with medium coverage.
  • It has impressive packing as it comes in a rubber tube for easy usage.
  • Unlike most foundationsLoreal Paris infallible pro-matte foundation is long-lasting. So you can quickly get the perfect looks for the next 24 hours with the help of it.
  • If we compare the price of the foundation with its quality, you will be amazed because it is much more affordable than other high-end brands.
  •  Loreal Paris infallible pro-matte foundation is best for people who have oily skin as it is oil-free and does not melt on the skin.
  • This foundation does not have artificial fragrance, so most people prefer it.
  • It is a versatile product, so you will get a variety of shades in it for almost all types of skin tones.
What We Dont Like
  • It is not ideal if you have dry skin. Its texture can get exposure quickly on all dry-type skins.
  • While applying on the skin, you need fast blending, but blending is not too easy. You must have sufficient makeup expertise before applying it to your skin.
  • Loreal Paris infallible pro-matte foundation oxidizes when it combines with oil in your skin. It deepens in color, and you will feel difficult to match the foundation with your skin.
  • Although this foundation comes in various ranges, choosing the shade range is still quite challenging, especially if you have a wheat-ish and dusky skin tone.
  • The formula of this foundation has changed. Being a new customer, you will not feel this change, but being an old customer, you may not like this change.




NARS foundation is one of the most prominent brand names. I have used this product, and the result of this foundation was excellent to make me satisfied with the product quality.

Pricing is the primary deciding factor; unfortunately, it is pretty high for most customers. If you can afford this product, then it is highly recommended to you after analyzing all of its pros and cons.

Loreal Paris infallible pro-matte foundation is ideal for oily skins. But you must struggle to find the best shade for your skin tone.

This foundation will not only make you look better quickly but also lasts longer. It will help improve your skin because it is breathable and can provide more luminous skin.


What does the NARS light-reflecting foundation do?

Loreal Paris infallible pro-matte foundation is based on a vegan formula. It has 70% skincare ingredients to boost your skin’s luminosity instantly. You will feel better skin even after foundation removal, so it will help improve your skin over time.

Is NARS light reflecting foundation good for mature skin?

This foundation is proven best for mature skin because it can hide your wrinkles, redness, darkness, and age spots.

Does Nars foundation clog pores?

Loreal Paris infallible pro-matte foundation is not patchy. So you will experience great coverage without caking or pores clogging.

Does NARS light reflecting foundation oxidize?

Yes, NARS light-reflecting foundation oxidizes. But if we compare it with other foundations, you will feel slight oxidation. We recommend you choose the best shade according to your skin tone.

Is it easy to apply NARS Light Reflecting Foundation?

Applying the NARS light-reflecting foundation will be easy if you have little makeup expertise. Use your makeup brush or fingers on your face, but you need fast blending, which is not accessible if you have dry skin.

NARS Light Reflecting Foundation is oil or water-based?

This foundation is water-based. Using fast blending, you can apply it to your face with your figures or brush with little expertise.