5 Amazing Dupes Of Laura Mercier Setting Powder

Dupes Of Laura Mercier Setting Powder

Suppose you are searching for the best dupes of Laura Mercier setting powder due to budget constraints or other reasons. In that case, we will recommend a few products

  • Maybelline Fit me Loose Finishing Powder:
  • Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder
  • NYX Mineral Matte Finishing Powder:
  • Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder:
  • Elf cosmetics high -defination loose powder

About the Original Product

Feel the beauty with the help of Laura Mercier setting powder which contains vitamins C and E, to bring more health to your skin. This loose powder formula is ideal for blending effortlessly and supports skin complexion over time.

Laura Mercier setting powder is a long-wearing product capable of setting your makeup up to 16 hours and controlling unwanted shine on your skin for up to 24 hours. This oil-free product is suitable for people facing issues with their oily skin and can get clean looks with the help of its matte finish.

This loose powder also works as skin conditioning powder because it contains a natural amino acid that melts into the skin and provides a natural look. So if you have medium to fair skin tone, this product is ideal for you.

It is a lightweight powder, so you will not feel cakey or heavy. So it allows the skin to breathe, and its anti-shine formula will help you say good back-to-photo flash back. It doesn’t clog pores and is hence suitable for all skin tones, so if you have medium to deep skin tone, you can try this product without any doubt.

Laura Mercier Setting Powder



Dupes Of Laura Mercier Setting Powder

Maybelline Fit me Loose Finishing Powder:

Maybelline Fit me Loose Finishing Powder



What We Like
  • This loose finishing powder is ideal for controlling shine because its mineral-based formula is to block any unwanted shine.
  • You will get a wide range of best shades from ivory to mocha in this product.
  •  It gives a matte finish.
  • Sets foundation and concealer very well
  • This product has a long-lasting formula, so you can apply and get fresh looks for many hours.
  • It is ideal for baking your makeup to get more sophisticated and refined looks.
  • The packing of this product is much better, does not look messy, and gives a pleasant customer experience.
What We Dont Like
  • You will not get any applicator or mirror with this product which is the main disadvantage of this loose finishing powder.


Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder:

With the help of Coty Airspun Loose face powder, you will get the most delicate looks without wrinkles, scars, blemishes, bumps, or acne. So it is also another good alternative to Laura Mercier setting powder.

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder



What We Like
  • This product comes in six shades, so you will have many choices to get the best product according to your skin tone.
  • This loose face powder is based on a lightweight formula, so it doesn’t look cakey, and you will not feel patches on your skin.
  • You will get flawless looks by blurring all the imperfections, and it also corrects uneven skin tones quickly.
What We Dont Like
  • If you have sensitive skin, you will hate that too much fragrance is added to this product.
  • You will find a puff with this ,that picks up many products, so it is an entirely useless addition.
  • The lid is not screw-on, so you will have difficulty using the product, and it is not travel-friendly either.


NYX Mineral Matte Finishing Powder:

NYX mineral matte finishing powder will be a fantastic idea to get fresh and radiant skin throughout the day. It provides sufficient coverage on your skin for getting flawless looks.

NYX Mineral Matte Finishing Powder


What We Like
  • It provides light coverage, making your skin look natural and glowing.
  • You will love the matte finish of this product as it will provide you with a more refined and attractive looks.
  • This product is based on a vegan formula. So no animal-based or derived ingredients are included in it.
  • You will not feel any glittering effect because no shimmer is included in this product.
  • If your face is well-moisturized. You can use this powder alone if you love to do minimum makeup.
What We Dont Like
  • This product doesn’t last long, so you can use only this powder for short functions.
  • You must be careful when pouring this powder because the holes are big. Many chances will waste much powder will be wasted in such a process.


Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder:

Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder will help you balance your skin tone and provide a matte finish. It is ideal for all skin types, so if you have sensitive skin, you can use this product.

Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder


What We Like
  • Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder is lightweight. So after applying it to your skin, you will not feel cakey.
  • This powder is ideal for you if you have mature skin because it does not settle into fine lines and will not look creasy.
  • This long-lasting product will get flawless looks for a long time after using it on your skin.
What We Dont Like
  • Although the product quality is good sometimes, it becomes messy to use. So you have to be careful while applying this powder to your skin.
  • If you have a yellow skin tone, it will be an excellent choice to buy this powder. It is not an ideal option for a chocolaty or dusky skin tone.


Elf cosmetics high-definition loose powder:

Elf cosmetics are a good name in the cosmetics industry. So you can get their high-definition loose powder as an alternative for Laura Mercier setting powder. It is a lightweight and long-lasting product that will help you get flawless looks quickly.

Elf cosmetics high-definition loose powder


What We Like
  • It can do its job, so you will get desired results after applying it to your skin.
What We Dont Like
  • Sadly the Packaging is not up to the mark. So you can not consider it a travel-friendly loose powder.
  • Due to its lightweight nature and below-standard packing, whenever you open the box, the product will fly out instantly; thus, you will get an insufficient quantity of it.
  • We recommend it for oily skins, but if you have dry skin. It is not suitable for you because it leaves patches.




The usage of loose powder has a vital role in getting long-lasting results from your makeup. We have provided the detail of the best possible dupes of Laura Mercier setting powder in this article, so you can choose anyone after reading their detail. I will recommend the two best products from all the dupes mentioned above.

 Maybelline Fit Me loose finishing powder and Coty Airspun loose powder is the best dupes you can choose to get the best results at a reasonable price. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to artificial fragrance, then Coty Airspun loose powder is not suitable for you, and you should try Maybelline fit me loose finishing powder.


Why is elf High Definition Powder used?

Elf High Definition powder is used to reduce imperfections and controls the unwanted shine.

Does Elf HD powder give a flashback?

Yes, you may get a flashback because this powder is based on silica.

Does Elf loose powder have talc?

No, Elf loose powder is a talc-free setting powder. You can use it to smooth the fine lines and appearance of pores.

What does banana powder do for your face?

You can correct the redness of the face and smooth the fine lines with the help of the lightweight formula of banana powder.

Which is better translucent or banana powder?

If we compare translucent and banana powder, the banana powder is based on a more advanced formula capable of brightening, smoothening, and illuminating your skin.

Why is Revolution luxury powder used?

Revolution luxury powder sets the makeup in its place for a long time, eliminates unwanted shine, and corrects redness on your skin.

What is the difference between finishing powder and translucent powder?

Finishing powder provides a flawless look and smooth finish to your skin, whereas translucent powder sets your makeup for a long time and eliminates extra shine.

How do you use matte finishing powder?

Apply the powder to your neck and face with the help of a fluffy brush and blend it into your skin unless it is absorbed completely.

What is the difference between setting powder and finishing powder?

Setting powder locks your makeup for a long time, whereas finishing powder provides a smooth look to your skin by blurring all imperfections.

What is Airspun loose face powder used for?

Airspun loose powder is for baking your makeup, applying it as the foundation, and locking makeup for long-lasting effects.

Is there talc in Coty Airspun?

Yes, Coty Airspun’s loose face powder contains talc in it.

Is Airspun powder good for oily skin?

Airspun loose face powder is ideal for getting matte looks. So it will be a good choice for oily skin.

Is Maybelline Fit Me setting powder suitable?

Maybelline Fit Me setting powder is excellent for controlling unwanted shine, baking your makeup, and blurring all the imperfections.

Which is better, compact or loose powder?

If you have dry skin, compact powder is good for you, whereas loose powder is ideal for oily skin.